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John Maeda
(United States)
Artist & Creator
Symposium Participant


2006 Festival Conferences Simplicity Symposium I

2006 Festival Conferences Simplicity Symposium II

2006 Festival Events, Concerts & Performances Featured Artists - Opening

2006 Festival Featured Artists John Maeda

2006 Catalog Simplicity SIMPLICITY—the art of complexity

2006 Catalog Simplicity Law 1: Reduce

2006 Catalog Simplicity The Goal of Safety is about as Simple as it Gets

2006 Catalog Simplicity Nature

2003 Festival CODE Exhibition F00D (F-zero-zero-D)

2003 Festival CODE Exhibition Reactive Graphics History

2003 Catalog Code The Infinite Loop

2000 Catalog Next Sex The Five Reactive Books

2000 Ars Electronica Center Print on Screen The Five Reactive Books

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