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Toshio Iwai
Artist & Creator

2006 Ars Electronica Center Simulation Lab Simulation Lab

2006 Festival Ars Electronica Center Exhibition Morphovision

2006 Festival Conferences Goblin City - Panel II

2006 Festival Featured Artists Toshio Iwai

2006 Ars Electronica Center With All Senses Morphovision

2006 Catalog Simplicity Beyond Media, Connecting Senses

2006 Catalog Simplicity Morphovision – Distorted House

2005 Festival electrolobby TENORI-ON

1997 Prix Ars Electronica 1997 Golden Nica Music Plays Images X Images Play Music

1997 Catalog Fleshfactor Music Plays Images x Images Play Music

1994 Catalog Intelligente Ambiente From the Flipbook to the Museum on the Air

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