[the next idea]

[the next idea] is an art & technology grant awarded annually by voestalpine and Ars Electronica. It honors inspiring, new and unusual ideas with great future promise and supports their further development. The judges seek innovations of an artistic and social as well as a technological, scientific nature.

In conjunction with CREATE YOUR WORLD, we will be showcasing some of this year’s best projects that have to do with issues that are key to humankind’s future: energy, mobility and access. The Choke Point Project inquires into who actually exerts control over the internet. The Kibilight Project makes solar energy—and thus the first form of electrical energy of any kind—available to broad segments of the Kenyan population.

Haberlandt is a sort of food processor that turns algae into edible dumplings.

Team Mitoh / roomoot made up of students of Hiroshi Ishiguro (JP) is represented by an elaborate installation. The Ether Inductor equipped with high-performance sensors stages a playful encounter of two persons initially separated by a dark partition. If the two protagonists successfully carry out motion assignments issued on a display, the partition gradually becomes transparent and optical contact become possible.

Discover a truly fascinating instrument: the Mirage00. This audiovisual technical marvel by Kouji Ohno (JP), Tetsuya Yamamoto (JP), Toshikazu Toyama (JP) and Nobu Miake (JP) is not only a musical instrument that can be played intuitively; it simultaneously produces a visualization of the resulting sound in a 360° Panopticon. Thanks to its state-of-the-art sensors, it takes audience reactions into account and revises its audiovision accordingly.

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