In the beginning of life on Earth, there was a long interplay of chaos and (brief instances of) order, of stability and disintegration. Fascinated by the origination and break-down of forms and order, Alex Posada (ES) developed The Particle, his massive sculpture positively brimming with energy. Its central elements are rings studded with multicolored LED lights. They rapidly rotate and produce sounds as they do. In and as a result of this movement, there emerge forms that are as beautiful as they are transient.

Posada’s work is controlled wirelessly by computer in three operating modes: in one, the artist can specify what The Particle produces; or an installation visitor can have input via touchpad; or control can be turned over to sensors that react to people moving about nearby or changes in brightness.

Alex Posada – The Particle in our blog

The Particle, developed by MID with the support of and Strobe festival. The project was made possible by the support of the Spanish Embassy.

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