CORPUS (2011/2017)

Chris Ziegler (DE)

Ovid’s ‘Pygmalion‘ redefined – a body in morphogenesis. A solo performance that uses digital, visual, sensory and material interactions to create a body of images and sounds. CORPUS articulates a process of interaction between the artist and the artifact in a feedback loop.

Where is the border of analog to digital, where are the glitches in the conversion? Where “the apparatus” first needs the visible body in full flesh to generate images, CORPUS renders the perception of an animated figurine first, before revealing the body.

CORPUS begins with an evolution of a single light cell organism to a human figurine. Flesh fills another body shell, creating a sculpture in a semi-transparent cocoon.

In “Dance” the body can be perceived both as a subject and as object of an artistic process. CORPUS explores the moving body and its frictions with a visual and acoustic “interaction body.” The disguised moving flesh in a digital costume gives the viewer room for imagination.


Chris Ziegler

Unita Gaye Galiluyo

Hugo Paquete

Ismenia Keck

Martin Bellardi, Nikolaus Völzow, Chris Ziegler