Martin Messier (CA)

With FIELD, Messier gives material form to this otherwise inaudible, invisible flow. He becomes the operator through whom the work is activated and brought into the real world. A veritable mimesis of electromagnetic current, the visual aspect can plunge the audience into a hypnotic state: the omnipresent imperceptible power that surrounds us is stripped of its mystery here and finally seems accessible to us.

FIELD speaks to the invisible forces around us: their ascendancy and their interdependence. Although they interact at an absolutely indiscernible level, they underlie our gestures and movements and carry us, in a way. In this sense, the work and the artist arrive together at an exchange that determines the conditions of the visual and sound elements of the performance: blinding lightning and electricity conduction.


Concept, audiovisual composition, programming and performance:
Martin Messier

Thomas Payette

Technical design:
Thomas Payette, Maxime Bouchard, Frédérique Folly

14 lieux