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FH Potsdam - Interface Design

FH Potsdam is the first German institution of higher education to offer both BA and MA programs in interface design. The core of a course of study in this field is an encounter with digital media that is practice-oriented, functional, creative and experimental.

Many projects are developed and implemented jointly with private sector associates. The works presented here came about in cooperation with the software firm Native Instruments. The project's aim was to design new interfaces for digital music production. As immediate, physical modes of expression, these constitute a high-contrast alternative to the use of a mouse and screen.


André Knörig, Desirée Sauter, Till Savelkoul, Sebastian Spiewok, Klaus Zimmermann and Daniel Klöhn
Articulated Paint

Articulated Paint is an electronic musical instrument that provides an experience of the role of the body in musical expression. Using the classical artist’s tool of brush and canvas, the player is enabled to determine expressive qualities of a piece of music such as tempo, dynamics, accentuation and binding. The user experiences that bodily and musical expression condition each other.

Sebastian An, Steffen Fielder, Jonas Loh and Stephan Thiel
Fox In The Box

Fox In The Box is a modular MIDI/OSC controller that focuses on live performance as well as the collaborative aspect of making music. Each of the boxes represents an audio loop (sample) that can be started and stopped by repositioning the box. Special effects elements that support a wideranging repertoire of physical interactions can be used to modulate and modify the sound. These elements can be constantly rearranged during the performance.

Marcus Paeschke
MC Hammer

MC Hammer is an electronically controlled percussion instrument that resembles an electrical drumstick. It consists of a series of percussion instruments whose strongest feature is their flexibility. The choice of the drum is left up to the player. MC Hammer is controlled via an instrument integrated into NI Reaktor, which makes it possible to combine its analog sounds with those of synthetic instruments.

Florian Dornberger, Jonas Leist, Caroline Müller and Miriam Roy
Mouth Pieces

Mouth Pieces is an installation consisting of seven mouth-operated controllers. Each module features a different way of taking advantage of a person’s rich possibilities of oral articulation such as sucking, biting and manipulating the tongue. Several users can simultaneously improvise with the samples. They can collaborate or work in opposition to one another. The hands remain free, so the user can dance or play another instrument.

Fabian Brunsing

ScratchPad is a mobile music/MIDI controller that is played with two hands. The player’s left hand controls a recording button and four sound buttons. The touchpad on the top side of the instrument is operated by the right hand. It can control percussive sounds and modify them with sound effects via finger movements. The player is thus able to create rhythm and melody loops that can be edited into entire songs in an audio software or in a session with other ScratchPads.