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KISD - Köln

From the Cologne Model to the
Köln International School of Design

KISD’s approach is to constantly adapt design education to the demands of our living and working environment. In 1991, the Cologne model was initiated to upgrade conventional practices and provide design education that is consistent in both theory and practice. Eleven years later in 2002,we took the next big step: the transition from the Design Department of the University of Applied Sciences Cologne to the Köln International School of Design. At KISD, design education is a matter of recognizing problems.

Analogic Scouting

Liberation from the digital catastrophe.
Observation of analogies.
Occupation of the synapses.
Neuronal simplicity.
Are what these KISDers’ works deal with.

Still fractal and in discursive substance in May, what will be taking shape up to and during the festival will be analog signals that mark the synapses of Ars Electronica and accompany people on a wide variety of occasions. Those encountering them will be confronted by durable demarcations and symbol bearers as well as transient visual and auditory markings. A real, flexible analog routing network will be spread out over Linz.

KISD’s contribution is “the” service performance! The human being is the information module and will remain so.

These works will fulfill their pledge to bring about a unique symbiosis of real and virtual guidings through the transmedial landscape of Ars Electronica, to formulate an objective, a signature, a code and thus a recognizable, permutating gestalt of this guided tour.

Confusing and optimizing the utilization of paths and media, performed by hand or actuated via MDA, guiding, finding and searching are what these KISDers do with their newly-won freedom in the interstices between analog and digital information and production possibilities.