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This exhibition and catalog were initiated and realized because of the enthusiasm and support of Peter Weibel, Artistic Director. We are also completely indebted to Ralph Hocking and Sherry Miller Hocking of the Experimental Television Center, Binghamton, for their extraordinary generosity in the assembly of the majority of the hardware and their careful attention to the myriad details of both hardware and archival information. Their professionalism and humor have been an inspiration and a pleasure.

Of course, we are especially grateful for the special efforts and cooperation of those inventors who personally excavated their past by agreeing to be interviewed, and by digging up schematics, photos, and dormant documents and, in many cases, by resuscitating their own machines. Thank you Stephen Beck, David Behrman, Don Buchla, Bob Diamond, Bill Etra, Lee Harrison, Bill Hearn, David Jones, Don McArthur, Nam June Paik, Steve Rutt, Dan Sandin, Jeff Schier, Eric Siegel, Glen Southworth, and Aldo Tambellini. We deeply regret that during this process we were never able to locate Shuya Abe and George Brown.

We also wish to acknowledge Steve Anderson, Michael Czajkovsky, Gary Hill, Norman Lowrey, and Sara Seagull for their extra efforts and assistance in lending significant audio/video instruments to the exhibition.

In addition to the subject of the interviews transcribed for this catalog, we acknowledge the following authors, editors and publications of the writings we have selected to print and reprint for this catalog:

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