take over systems/connect systems - Workshops


Radio FRO (AT)

Workshop Streaming Technology
Hosts: Oliver Neumann and Karin Heide

So/sun, 2.9.
Di/tues, 4.9.
Inscription: barbara@fro.at

Fee is ATS 150, -
For inscriptions please mail to: barbaraw@fro.at
Audio- and Videostreamingtechnology, Video- and Audioengineering for the Internet, Actual work on, Traineeworkstations, Different backgrounds of softwarecodes, Productionguidelines for Streaming Audio/Video, Compressability of various Imagecontents (Compression in Mediacleaner, Rendering with different Codes/Datastreams)
Embedding of a video in a html-page, Technical Background of Video- and Audiostreaming

Workshop Cultural Channel
Attendants of Ars Electronica can furthermore work out together with the team of Adam Hyde on the functioning, contentwise and technical basics of the cultural channels, cocreating the programming and actual running of the CC themselves and launch an own channel. Participation is free. No inscription needed.
Background and Working with frequencyclock software Collecting, Filtering and Organizing relevant Content for the Cultural Channel, Programming of a Realaudiostream, Launching an own Cultural Channel