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Eine Landpartie auf der Suche nach Simplicity

An outing to the hinterland in search of simplicity, a one-day excursion designed to get the Festival’s activities off the beaten track and onto a path less-surfed as a way of seeing things in a productive new light. On Saturday, Ars Electronica goes on a country outing. The baroque splendor of the St. Florian Monastery of the Canons Regular of St. Augustine, a center of religiosity and spirituality since the 4th century, will serve as both venue and resource conducive to fruitful experience. It is into this centuries-old setting that we are implanting the media of our age-semantic network visualizations, generative computer graphics and digital worlds of sound. A jam-packed and sensorially intense program will plumb the depths of the festival’s theme. Activities will be running parallel so you’ll have to make choices: from among linkups, cross-positionings, diametrical oppositions, concrete and associative references; from among musical presentations and performances in which the collegiate church’s spectacular organ encounters contemporary electronic sounds; from among speeches and chats in the monastery’s garden, exercises and meditation sessions, lecture-performances, installations, excursions through the monastery’s historical strata and spiritual realms, open-hardware workshops, tours of an organ builder's atelier and even an introduction to the art of origami.

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