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The SITUATIONAL AWARENESS exhibition features models of new polar systems architectures created by Marko Peljhan, Jan Trost and Nejc Trost, the C-Astral Spectral System unmanned platform, the Transparent World LADSAT Earth Observation Satellite mockup, models of legacy Makrolab designs from 1997 on and other related documentary, sensor data display and sound material, collected by Makrolab crews from 1997 on and organized by DelRay, Nullo and Mx. The displays also feature documentary material from the first I-TASC expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic in 2006/2007, by Amanda Rodrigues Alves, Steve Kovats, Thomas Mulcaire, Ntsikelelo Ntshingila, Marko Peljhan and Saso Podgorsek. A solar powered International Standard Payload Rack Beehive is placed in the Donaupark.

I-TASC is a decentralized network of individuals and organisations working collaboratively in the fields of art, engineering, science and technology on the interdisciplinary development and tactical deployment of renewable energy, waste recycling systems, sustainable architecture and open-format, open-source media. I-TASC is a lichen-like structure sharing and integrating local knowledge, resources and skills across six continents in order to symbiotically engage with the air, ocean, earth and space commons.

Source: Marko Peljhan

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