SIMPLICITY - the art of complexity - ARS ELECTRONICA 2006 - Festival für Kunst, Technologie und Gesellschaft - Linz, Do 31. August – Di 5. September





Ars Electronica is offering free subscriptions to podcasts of the proceedings of this year's symposium conferences.

What are podcasts?

Podcasts allow users to subscribe RSS Feeds of files containing audio or other media content. A podcasting client running in the background of your portable device periodically checks for updates and, if new content is available, downloads it automatically to your device (ideally, directly to your MP3 player). more

How do I subscribe to podcasts?

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What if I don't have either a podcatcher or an RSS feed reader?

Even if you don't have any of the software necessary to subscribe to podcasts, you can still download the individual transmissions of the proceedings of this year's symposium conferences directly from the website as MP3 files.


Simplicity Symposium I

Sam Hecht   download

Walter Bender   download

Paola Antonelli   download

Hugh Herr   download

Simplicity Symposium II

John Maeda   download

Jason Kottke   download

Gary Chang   download

Olga Goriunova   download

Eric Yeatman   download

Goblin City - Panel I

Pixelspaces - Goblin City I   download

Going to the Country: a day-trip to the hinterland in search of simplicity

Rupert Huber: Piano Improvisations   download

Inside Spire   download

Gregorianische Choräle    download

Bells Concert    download

Scapha: Concert by Hilke Fährmann and Jürgen Schneider   download

Spire - Organ Concert I   download

Spire - Organ Concert II   download

Tmema feat. Erkki Huhtamo   download

Forum I – Interactive Art               

Karin Ohlenschläger   download

Erkki Huhtamo presents Paul DeMarinis' work   download

Zachary Lieberman   download

Evan Roth, James Powderly / Graffiti Research Lab   download

Featured Artist Speech: John Maeda   download

Forum II - Digital Musics               

Digital Musics - Table Talk   download

Forum III – Computer Animation / Visual Effects               

Mark Dippe   download

Jan Bitzer, Ilija Brunck, Tom Weber: 458nm   download

Commons & Communities

     Forum IV - Roman Bleichenbacher   download


Upgrade!   download

When Cybernetics meets Aesthetics

Claus Pias: The Cold Dream of Technology   download - Just available in german!

Stefan Rieger: The Third Place of Knowledge   download - Just available in german!

Cornelius Borck: Feedback as a Form of Art   download - Just available in german!

Barbara Büschner: Live Electronic Arts   download - Just available in german!

Margit Rosen: Reducing Uncertainty.   download - Just available in german!

Edward A. Shanken: Cybernetics and Art: Convergences and Divergences in the 1960s   download - Just available in german!

Jasia Reichhardt: From the Common Room to Cybernetic Serendipity   download - Just available in german!

Dieter Daniels   download - Just available in german!


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