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A New Cultural Economy Symposium I

Welcome and Introduction by Joichi Ito » Yochai Benkler » Tim Pritlove » Michael Tiemann » Christian Forsterleitner, Leonhard Dobusch, Thomas Gegenhuber, Stefan Pawel, Manuela Hiesmair, Barbara Hofmann: Project "Knowledge Space Linz" - only available in German » Panel / Discussion moderated by Tim Pritlove »

A New Cultural Economy Symposium II

Thomas Macho - only available in German » Paul Keller » Gerd Leonhard » Panel / Discussion moderated by Thomas Macho » Markus Wissen (DE) - only available in German » Volker Grassmuck »

A New Cultural Economy Symposium III

A.K.M. Adam » James Boyle » David Weinberger » Jonah Brucker-Cohen » Ronaldo Lemos » Panel / Discussion moderated by James Boyle »

A New Cultural Economy Symposium IV

Isaac Mao » Georgia Popplewell » Elizabeth Stark » Jonathan McIntosh » Panel / Discussion moderated by Joichi Ito »

Interaction, Interactivity, Interactive Art - a buzzword of new media under scrutiny

Welcome and Introduction by Dieter Daniels / Katja Kwastek » Christiane Paul: From Virtualities to Embodiment – Interaction in Media Art » Lars Blunck: “I mistrust audience participation” – Thoughts on Participation Art » Suzanne Lacy: Terms of Engagement: Interactivity in Visual Art Practices » Christoph Neuberger: Interaction & Interactivity - the perspective of communication sciences - only available in German » Wendy Hui Kyong Chun: Control and Freedom: Interactivity and Invasion » Gillian Crampton Smith / Philip Tabor: Designing Interaction » Noah Wardrip-Fruin: Understanding Gameplay » "User Art" - discussion of Peter Weibel's notion and exhibition » Marie-Luise Angerer: Presentation of the Media.Art.Research Award 2008 » Arjen Mulder: Interact Art from a Biological Perspective » Panel / Discussion moderated by Katja Kwastek »

Prix Forum I - Hybrid Art

Prix Forum I: Hybrid Art - Introduction by Richard Kriesche » Helen Evans, Heiko Hansen / HEHE: Pollstream - Golden Nica » Yann Marussich: Bleu Remix » Julius Popp: micro.flow »

Prix Forum II - Interactive Art

Jeff Lieberman, Dan Paluska: Absolut Quartet » Norimichi Hirakawa: a plaything for the great observers at rest » Julius von Bismarck: Image Fulgurator - Golden Nica »

Prix Forum III - Digital Musics

Paul D. Miller - Introduction » Sergi Jorda, Günter Geiger, Martin Kaltenbrunner, Marcos Alonso / Music Technology Group: reactable - Golden Nica » Teri Rueb: Core Sample » Hans W. Koch: the benchmark consort » Prix Forum III - Digital Musics: Panel Discussion »

Prix Forum IV - Digital Communities

Prix Forum IV - Digital Communities: Introduction by Isaac Mao » Jeana Frost: www.patientslikeme.com » Iris Wu: www.1kg.org » David Sasaki: www.globalvoicesonline.org » Prix Forum IV - Digital Communities: Panel Discussion »

Prix Forum V - Computer Animation / Film / VFX

Prix Forum V - Computer Animation / Film / VFX: Introduction by Jürgen Hagler » Chris Lavis: Madame Tutli-Putli, Golden Nica » Taku Kumura / Links DigiWorks inc.: Kudan » Amael Isnard, Manuel Javelle, Clement Picon / Supinfocom: Musicotherapie » Prix Forum V - Computer Animation / Film / VFX »