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Linux Week at the Ars Electronica Center
If you go by what its proponents say, Linux is much more than just an operating system – it’s a philosophy and a political statement. A roundtable discussion to be staged in conjunction with Linz’s Linux Week will focus on the role software, programmers and communities play in Information Society.

Just as the access to free software is an essential element for Linux, free access to information is one of the central themes of the Linux Week set for April 13-16 at the Ars Electronica Center and the Stadtwerkstatt. As in the past, this year’s speakers will include representatives of leading firms such as IBM, Computer Associates, EMC², Fabalabs and Lizenzfrei as well public-sector organizations such as Open Source Experts of the Chamber of Commerce and the FFS.

A special highlight will be the roundtable discussion entitled "Information Society: Free of Charge?" on April 13, 2005 at 7 PM in the Ars Electronica Center’s Sky Media Loft. Participants: Dr. Thomas Strasser, Open Source Experts of the Upper Austrian Chamber of Commerce; Thomas Warwaris, active member of the free software community; a representative of the Austrian government’s Strategic Task Force on Information and Communication Technology; and a representative of the Austrian Software Industry Council.

Computers and software are the basis of our emerging Information Society. Free software—first and foremost, Linux—has brought about deep-seated changes in this world in recent years. But this revolution is by no means solely technical. The communities that have sprung up around Linux have long since begun to exert pressure—and to score politics successes—in demanding to have their say in deciding how Information Society functions.

What role do free software and the community of its developers and users play in determining society’s path into the future? What sort of interplay of forces is at work in the relationship to the classic software industry, and what are the prospects for the future development of such a bond that is so highly charged with tension?

The full lineup of fascinating activities surrounding Linux Week offers ample opportunities to meet users, developers, administrators and vendors. Companies will be presenting their latest software solutions; users, IT department heads and administrators will benefit from rich information offerings.

To check out the Linux Weeks program, log on to www.linuxwochen.at.

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