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Summer Activities Program at the Museum of the Future
Produce your own hit song on CD, design comics, construct robots or create an individualized self-portrait just like the stills of top models and stars—the Ars Electronica Center’s Summer Workshops for youngsters offer a great lineup of fun activities while school’s out.

New technologies provide young people with amazing opportunities to get in touch with their creative side. But most kids don’t take anywhere near full advantage of their home PCs’ capabilities, even though it’s not all that difficult to do. The wide-ranging lineup of summer activities for young people at the Museum of the Future in Linz will show you how to use digital technologies in a creative way. At “Vacation Hit – The Ars Electronica Song Academy,” you’ll learn to compose, record and produce your own song. Girls can discover the creative possibilities inherent in digital cameras and picture processing programs at “Put Yourself in the Picture! Girls only.” The fundamentals of robotics and basic programming skills are imparted to kids at workshops in the Lego Mindstorms Center. Interactive-Creative Days offer opportunities to get a little bit more intensively involved in the Museum of the Future’s offerings. The lineup of workshops offers something for every age group from six to 16.

The best way to learn is by hands-on experimentation, and best of all is when it’s fun! That’s why the Ars Electronica Center’s workshops are designed to be entertaining as well as educational. They’re the perfect summer vacation activities—and not only on rainy days!


1. Vacation Hit – The Ars Electronica Song Academy
Ever wonder what it’s like to write your own songs? Or maybe you’d just like to find out how pop hits are written, composed and produced? The most important things to bring with you are your enthusiasm and talents: singing, rapping, playing an instrument, creating melodies or simply writing stories. Participants in these three-day workshops will form a band, and each member will take home his/her own demo CD.
Under the direction of experienced producer/songwriter Reinhold Siebert (alias Frenk Label)

Dates & Times:
Dates: July 19-21 and July 26-28
Group A (beginners, age 12 and up): 9 AM to 1 PM
Group B (advanced, age 12 and up): 2 PM to 6 PM
Age Group: age 12 and up
Fee: 96 euros for 3 4-hour sessions

Registration: at least 2 weeks in advance
Telephone: 070/ 7272 – 51; e-mail: center.bs@aec.at

2. Put Yourself in the Picture! Girls only
This is a workshop for girls who want to get creative with digital photography and video filmmaking. And, of course, participants will also get a solid introduction to the diverse possibilities of picture processing on the computer. Inspiration is provided by images of pop divas and compositions by top artists, but the stars of this show are the workshop participants themselves and their self-portraits!

Dates & Times
Dates: July 14, July 21 and July 28
Time: 10 AM to 1 PM
Age Group: ages 12-16
Fee: 9 euros (per participant/per session)

Registration: at least 1 week in advance
Telephone: 070/ 7272 – 51;e-mail: center.bs@aec.at

3. Building and Programming Robots
In the Lego Mindstorms Center workshop, robots come to life and face sporting challenges. Participants will also learn a thing or two about recent developments in the field of robotics and how this technology is being utilized in industry and R&D.

Dates: July 20, July 27, August 3
Time: 10 AM to 1 PM
Age Group: ages 6-15
Fee: 6 euros per session

Registration: at least 2 days in advance
Telephone: 070/ 7272 – 51;e-mail: center.bs@aec.at

4. Interactive-Creative Days at the Museum of the Future
Workshops, tours, expeditions into virtual worlds and a lot of hands-on experience with the technologies of the future will be the centerpiece of the Interactive-Creative Days at the Ars Electronica Center. After a special tour, participants will attend workshops specially tailored to their age groups and interests: programming robots, developing comics, animating their own narratives and action figures in virtual worlds and solving the puzzle of the Museum of the Future. Vacation fun is a sure thing!

Dates: July 15, July 22, July 29
Time: 10 AM to 2 PM
Age Group: age 6-15
Fee: 9 euros/session

Registration: at least 2 days in advance
Telephone: 070/ 7272 – 51;e-mail: center.bs@aec.at

Telephone: 070/ 7272 – 51; e-mail: center.bs@aec.at
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