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Open House at the Museum of the Future!
The Ars Electronica Centre will present exiting new installations to the Upper Austrian audience free of charge already the day before the Ars Electronica Festival Openining.

Every year wide sections of the Ars Electronica permanent exhibition will be replaced by new projects and installations. This way the centre always remains up to date with its current technonogical developments and their repercussions.

This year the museum of the future (future museum) will be open exclusively to the Upper Austrian public on the 31. August in the form of an “Open House”- one day before the internationally well known Ars Electronica Festival will offically open.

With its topical focus on “ virtual worlds” and “ the cybergeneration” the AEC accentuates and offers the possibility to get an idea how much influence digital technology has on our lives. New projects such as the “Music Box” Humphrey`s underwaterworld and the virtual city map “WikiMap Linz” will animate to participate and creatively engage in these subjects.

During the Ars Electronica Festival from the 1st till the 6th of September the Ars Elecronica Centre is open daily from 10am - 9pm and offers special guided exhibition tours for kids and youth groups under the titel of “lateral thinking”.

Special Focus Virtual Worlds – Up to Date Projecttechnology

Next to the popular CAVE a new exhibition room is set up with high resolution projections. The visitor will gain a broad insight into the application of the digital world which are generated by the computer. Here ARSBOX technologie developed by The Ars Electronica Futurlab will also find its application. The lates project, the virtual construction of Vienna´s Schönnbrunn Palace “Millioenzimmer” (million room) will also be on view. Alongside this impressively detailed visualisation of the “Millionenzimmer” further journeys through virtual worlds of new 3D projects in the CAVE are possible.

Special focus “ u – 19 freestyle computing” – Kids and youths at thr AEC

The “ u19 freestyle computing” competition is the largest international competition of the Prix Ars Electronica of Cyber Arts for kids and youths presented at Linz. The young creatives from the age of 4 always amaze the jury anew every year with their astonishing ideas. Especially in the u19 categorie the Upper Austrians are strongly represented. 391 of alltogether 1115 submitted projects were handed in from this county. The “u19 freestyle computing” can be seen at the Ars Electronica Centre from the 31. of August onwards. Visitors can learn more about the prized projects and their developers in a interactive exhibition setting also an encouragement to creatively engage with the computer.

Virtual Music Box, Digital Dives – new fascinating projects

The museum for the future makes projects of international artists and research laboratories accessible to a wider public. Concealed behind playful activities are the
most modern technologies as well as new approaches in interaction between humans and computers.The project “Music Box” translates the good old idea of the musical box into modern times. The advantage of this musical box is that the songs or tunes can be programmed by oneselves without the need for technical and musical talent. Interessted? For the first time the “Music Box” can be tried out at the “Open House”.

A dive into the Danube for everyone? Without a snorkel and flippers at that! From the 31. of August this adventure can be risked whilst keeping dry feet. A view into the formally unknown and fascinating depths of Linz´s underwater world away from the Linzer river bank is made possible by “Humphrey”´s new virtual environment.

Visitors are invited to create a virtual diary of the city through their contributions with the interactive city map “ WikiMap Linz”. “WikiMap Linz” is a contribution of Ars Electronica to “ Hotspot”- the wireless LAN initiative of the city of Linz.

Kids and Youth programms during the Ars Electronica Festival

The museum of the future offers in September special guided tours through the world of this years Ars Electronica Festival “Hybrid – living in paradox” for kids and youth groups under the titel of “ lateral thinking”, a view behind the szenes of one of the most significant media festivals adapted to age and intrest.


Sunday 4. September and Monday 5. September at 11am and 2pm
From the age of 12 years upwards, meeting point at the cash desk AEC. Total cost €6

Attention: Closing times

The Ars Electronica Centre is closed from the 15. to the 30. of August due to reconstruction work.

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