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WikiMap Weekend on November 26th and 27th
WikiMap Linz is an interactive city map that users can enhance with text, graphics and sound files as a way to create a virtual diary of the City of Linz. The result is the revelation of the city’s many countenances and countless stories. You can visit WikiMap Linz in person at the Ars Electronica Center or online at www.aec.at/wikimap.

The Wikimap Weekend program features special workshops that teach how to develop digital narratives with the help of user-friendly software.

For detailed program information (including exact times), log on to www.aec.at/center or call 0732.7272-51.

WikiMap Linz is a contribution of Ars Electronica to the Hotspot Initiative of the City of Linz.


Digital Storytelling
Since time immemorial, mankind has been inventing plotlines and telling stories. Nowadays, digital media and technologies are opening up totally new possibilities of developing such accounts and giving them a form. In the “Digital Storytelling” workshop, a combination of image, sound and text is used to create stories. The result is a multimedia narrative that participants can even take home with them. If the plotline is set in Linz, it will also be featured on WikiMap Linz.
Bring along photos of your favorite places or of your family members to get your creative juices flowing!

For youngsters age 12-16. Prerequisite: Basic computer skills
Date: Saturday, November 26, 2005
Time: 2 PM to 5 PM
Fee: €6 (museum admission included)
To pre-register, call 0732/7272/51 by November 24

Tracking Mythological Creatures
Adventure in Linz! In this workshop, participants will write, relate or draw an adventure story, create their own mythological creature and send it on an exciting journey through Linz!.
Bring along photos you want to use in your narrative!

For youngsters age 8-12. No background knowledge or prior experience necessary.

Date: Sunday, November 27, 2005

Time: 11 AM to 1 PM
Fee: €5 (museum admission included)
To pre-register, call 0732/7272/51 by November 25

Digital Imagery Workshop for Everyone from 8 to 100
Bring your pictures of Linz—historical or contemporary, digital images or analog photos—to the Ars Electronica Center. Our expert Infotrainers will explain to you how WikiMap, the interactive city map, functions and show you how to post your own personal images online.
For groups of 6 or more; dates: Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday and by special arrangement
Pre-register via e-mail to center.bs@aec.at

With inquiries, please contact:

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