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Interesting Workshop Weekend at the Museum of the Future
The accent was on youth at the Ars Electronica Center November 24–26. Kids 14+ turned out to take an active, creative approach to experimenting with new media.

Besides surfing, gameplaying and communication, computers and cell phones add a lot of other possibilities to your repertoire. How about producing video clips via cell phone, designing your own podcast or even a short animation sequence? Experts on hand at the Ars Electronica Center workshops November 24–26 showed some interesting creative techniques. Another program feature enabled participants—depending on their interests and skill/experience level—to set up a custom-tailored lineup of activities including more advanced courses and teamwork in small groups.

The workshops in detail:

StopMotionAnimation for Beginners

This workshop provides a basic understanding of animation techniques including an introduction to producing stop-motion sequences. In our new animation studio, small groups get to use props, action figures and a variety of light sources to create short animated films. You’ll also start learning about post-processing possibilities (including editing and special effects programs).

Time: 24.11.2006: 2 pm 4.30 pm
Ages: 15 +

Podcasting (in cooperation with "JUMP" magazine)

No matter what message you want to communicate to the denizens of the Web, you’ll find podcasting is the right medium for you. Disseminating critical reportage, conducting interesting interviews or distributing your own entertainment content—this workshop delivers the knowledge and skills you need to produce your own podcast. Get with the program instead of just hearing about it!

Time: 24. 11. 2006: 5 pm - 8 pm
Ages: 14 +


Your cellphone is always with you, but what else can you do with it besides phoning and sending SMSs? This workshop focuses on playful, serendipitous and spontaneous ways of using your cell phone’s camera. Participants produce short video sequences that can then be transferred to a computer for processing with a simple editing program. The aim is to get across some experimental, creative ways to design short video clips. You’ll also get hands-on experience with simple editing programs (including open source software).

Time: 25. 11. 2006: 2 pm - 5 pm
Ages: 14 +

StopMotionAnimation (for advanced users)
Already have experience with computers and digital photography? Interested in cartoons and ready to try animation? Then this is the one for you! In the Ars Electronica Center’s new animation studio, access to professional equipment and customizable scenery lets you really get creative designing a short animated film sequence using stop-motion technology. Participants work in a group setting to explore the myriad possibilities of post-production and learn to use an array of programs.

Prerequisite knowledge/skills: file management and digital photography

Time: 26. 11. 2006: 2 pm - 5 pm
Ages: 14+

u19 – freestyle computing

"u19 – freestyle computing," Austria's largest computer competition for young people, is accepting submissions again! Now, at the Ars Electronica Center, you can check out the 2006 winners and draw some inspiration from these successful ideas. Download your entry form from the u19 website and maybe your work will be on display next year!

Works created in the "CellphoneVideoClips" and "StopMotionAnimation" workshops can subsequently be submitted to the Long Night of Videos that will be held in conjunction with “Zündstoff,” Linz’s school theater week (www.zuendstoff.at).

To pre-register, call 0732/7272-51 or send an e-mail to center@aec.at.
Additional program details and information about opening hours are available by calling the number above or logging on to www.aec.at/center.

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