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Great Winter Offerings at the Ars Electronica Center
The Ars Electronica Center’s lively lineup of workshops and guided tours is just the thing to put some color into gray winter days.

Calling all Museum of the Future fans! An extensive program of activities and offerings attuned to a wide range of age groups, interests and tastes is on tap for December and January. Wanna program robots? No prob! How ‘bout creating animated film sequences? Gotcha covered! Up for exploring incredible futuristic worlds? You’ve come to the right place!

Here’s an overview of all your options:


The kids who head off on this adventure will experience amazing virtual worlds where they’ll be joined by some fun playmates. In addition to sprightly imps, there’s a tiny dragon named QuiQui who needs some navigational assistance in the form of children’s voices and movements. This journey turns out to be a fascinating way to discover how human beings and computers can communicate without the use of a mouse or a keyboard.


If you’re interested in finding out how robots perceive their environment and react to it, then this workshop is the right choice for you! Participants get fascinating insights into how sensors function, and can then apply their newly-acquired knowledge performing some practical experiments and programming LEGO robots.


Everyone is fascinated by animated films—they arouse our curiosity and satisfy our need for entertainment. But have you ever wondered how a cartoon is actually produced? Just how do figures and images get turned into motion pictures? This workshop will provide answers to these and other questions. In the new Animation Studio, up-and-coming directors can use an easy-to-learn stop-motion procedure to create their own short film sequences or breathe life into characters from Gulliver’s World.


After kids take a guided tour through the Ars Electronica Center, a computer program poses a few questions—some pretty simple, others a little trickier—about the amazing stuff they’ve just seen in the Museum of the Future. But keep in mind: the puzzle clock is ticking away and whoever gets the solutions the quickest gets the most points. The winner receives a small gift as a souvenir of an enjoyable experience.

WORLD EDITOR – Design Your Own CAVE World

In the Simulation Lab, you can finally fulfill your dream of creating your own artificial world. Here’s where you custom-designed virtual realms to your own specifications. Then, after a short tour of the Ars Electronica Center, you’ll be able to experience your creation in spectacular 3D in the CAVE.
SPECIAL: On weekends during Advent, the CAVE will feature walk-through 3D virtual mangers designed by Linz elementary school pupils.

HAKOPIKA – Light Artworks Made of Paper

Would you believe you can transform plain boxes into magically glowing worlds? HAKOPIKA shows you how it’s done! Multi-colored LEDs lets you impart a glorious, festive glow to paper figures or glass objects you create yourself. Plus there’s no soldering required; you simply plug in the tiny electronic components. And by the way: ELEKIT’s light art projects make great Christmas gifts!

December 6, 2-5 PM

Jolly ol’ St. Nick will pay a call on the Ars Electronica Center on December 6! What he’s got in store for kids and adults alike are fascinating tours through the highlights of the current exhibits and a few surprises to boot. Experience an updated Saint Nicholas’ Day celebration staged among cyberworlds and featuring a raffle accompanied by kiddie cocktails in the SKY Media Loft!

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