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Ars Electronica Center Graben 15, corner Dametzstraße
The Ars Electronica Center’s move to its new (temporary) facility began about eight weeks ago and is now practically complete. More than 50 installations, 75 processors, four kilometers of network cable and two kilometers of electrical wiring had to be packed up on Hauptstraße and reinstalled at Graben 15—a logistical, architectural and technical challenge that was mastered with flying colors.

The cost of the move is being covered entirely by Ars Electronica Linz out of retained earnings. Plus, LIWEST has stepped up as the Ars Electronica Center’s newest lead sponsor and partner. “We regard this cooperative agreement not only as a classical sponsoring relationship; above all, it’s the basis for the joint development and implementation of innovative new ideas and projects,” said Günther Singer and Nicholas Sridharan, CEOs of LIWEST.

The Future on Three Floors in Downtown Linz

Graben 15 on the corner of Dametzstraße will be the Ars Electronica Center’s address until the end of 2008. Here, approximately 1,500 m2 of space provide a great setting to display over 50 installations and for hands-on encounters and experimentation, playing and learning. This is an interactive show, and experiencing it brings all the senses into play. It takes a sometime surprising and always entertaining approach to getting across how information and communications technologies are influencing everyday life. Two new focal-point themes round out the offerings at the new facility: “Everything in Motion” focuses on computer animation and cartoon filmmaking, while “Adapted from Nature” deals with how natural processes have served as models for technological developments.

“Everything in Motion” – the Grand Opening Program, May 1-6

Program lineup at www.aec.at/center

The ideal opportunity to get acquainted with the “new” museum in downtown Linz comes on May 1 with an open house at the Ars Electronica Center featuring free admission and lots of special offerings. The official opening day is May 3, and the lineup of special events continues May 4-6. The Museum of the Future is open daily from 9 AM to 6 PM throughout opening week (May 1-6).

Highlight Tours (Duration: 60 minutes)
Highlight tours offer an interesting and informative overview of the Museum of
the Future.

Robolab Briefing (every two hours / duration: 15 minutes)
Get an intro to the fascinating world of robotics.

Simulation Lab Briefing (every two hours / duration: 15 minutes) The Ars Electronica Center – present and future

Gulliver’s World (duration: 90 minutes)
A dramatic reading from Jonathan Swift’s “Gulliver’s Travels” is followed up by a journey of discovery through “Gulliver’s World,” the Ars Electronica Center’s amazing interactive installation.

Pico Crickets (duration: 120 minutes)
Clap your hands and make paper figures dance—an introductory workshop for the whole family.

Ars Electronica Center and City-Ring Linz
As part of a joint initiative launched by the Ars Electronica Center and the downtown merchants association, everyone making a purchase at a downtown store May 2-5 gets a free pass for the Museum (valid until the end of 2007).

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