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Ars Electronica Center at Graben 15 on the corner of Dametzstraße
(Linz, Thursday, May 3, 2007) The Ars Electronica Center’s new venue at Graben 15 on the corner of Dametzstraße celebrated its official grand opening today. And the address and the architectural packaging aren’t the only new features. Innovative focal-point themes highlight the interactive exhibits. This event also marks the debut of LIWEST as new lead sponsor and dynamic regional partner of the Ars Electronica Center.

Three Floors of the Future in Downtown Linz

While the Ars Electronica Center’s brand new facility is going up on the north bank of the Danube, the Museum of the Future will be doing a guest shot in downtown Linz until the end of 2008. The temporary quarters feature three floors and approximately 1,500 m2 of space for more than 50 installations—an interactive shows that illustrates how humans and computers can communicate with each other without the use of a mouse or keyboard. The new forms of interaction between the real world and digital domains that take place when a user brings his/her body, voice and sense of touch into play show tremendous promise for the future. Two new focal-point themes round out the offerings: “Everything in Motion” focuses on how animated films and cartoons are made, and “Adapted from Nature” looks at natural processes that have served as models for technological developments and solutions to technical problems.

“Everything in Motion” – From Image to Animation
16 images/second is what it takes to give the human eye the illusion of fluid motion in moving pictures. “Everything in Motion” shows how it’s done and gives museum visitors the chance to create—frame by frame—their own animated works.

“Adapted from Nature”
Bionics is a young branch of science that develops solutions to technical problems by designing systems modeled after living organisms and natural processes that have emerged over the course of evolution. “Adapted from Nature” documents how this works and shows what innovative and surprising application possibilities bionics has yielded.

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