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sicht:wechsel Visits the Ars Electronica Center
On Monday, the Ars Electronica Center welcomed visitors in town for sicht:wechsel, the integrative cultural festival. Six groups of people with different types of handicaps attended workshops and took tours that enabled them to explore the world of digital technologies.

(Linz, June 25, 2007) A visit to the Ars Electronica Center was the featured activity today at sicht:wechsel, a cultural festival for people with handicaps. Integrative tours and workshops provided guests with glimpses into incredible virtual worlds. People without extensive computer backgrounds but with lots of creativity and enthusiasm got to design their own fantasy landscapes populated by futuristic creatures or even action figures with their creators’ own likeness. Topping off their visit was “Put Yourself in the Picture,” a workshop conceived especially for people with handicaps. Here, participants could create self-portraits with the help of photographs, drawings and expressive audio material.

Details about sicht:wechsel are available at www.sicht-wechsel.at. The festival runs until June 30, 2007.

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