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A Merry Christmas at the Ars Electronica Center
Tour a 3D nativity scene, attend fascinating workshops and go on outings in colorful virtual worlds—a great lineup of Christmas season activities at the Ars Electronica Center is about to get underway.

With the onset of Advent, the holiday spirit pervades the AEC. Festivities commence on December 6, when jolly ol’ St. Nick pays a call on the Museum of the Future. In the CAVE, the featured attractions on Advent weekends are Christmas mangers painted by elementary school kids—but they’re not there just to be admired; feel free to take a virtual stroll inside! Visitors—young and old alike—can mingle with the Three Wise Men and admire the ox and donkey before making their way to Maria, Joseph and the Christ Child in the crèche. To create your own personalized, colorful Christmas decorations, be sure to sign up for the Hakopika workshop: you can use ELEKIT light kits to transform plain paper boxes into tiny glowing worlds. The journey of adventure continues on to amazing futuristic realms in which magical soap bubbles burst to give off wonderful sounds and pleasant fragrances that suddenly become visible. The joy of the Advent season is everywhere! But if the gray winter weather’s still got you down, we’ve got just the thing for you too: Interactive-Creative Days featuring intriguing workshops and expeditions through colorful virtual worlds.

For details about Christmas season activities at the Ars Electronica Center, call 0732/7272-0 or visit www.aec.at/center.

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