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Developing Worlds
Ars Electronica Center in cooperation with Schlossmuseum Linz

From the Big Bang to the digital universe, from one-celled organisms to the digital alter ego: a joint effort by Schlossmuseum Linz and the Ars Electronica Center opens up fascinating insights into the history and the future of modern man. From February 3 to March 25, 2008, visitors presenting an admission ticket from the other facility are entitled to a discount of one euro (except for workshop excursions).

Family Sunday at AEC and the Museums of the Province of Upper Austria

Now, the accent is on family togetherness at the Ars Electronica Center and the Museums of the Province of Upper Austria every first Sunday of the month. On Family Sunday, holders of the Family Card get free admission. Plus, every Saturday and Sunday at 11 AM and 2 PM, the Ars Electronica Center offers free guided tours of the Museum of the Future. The first two Family Sundays of the year are February 3rd and March 2nd.

The Phenomenon of Life at Schlossmuseum Linz

The special exhibit currently running at Schlossmuseum Linz invites visitors to time-travel through three and a half billion years of life. On this excursion, fossils illustrate the long and surprising course of evolution. In the interactive DNA laboratory, visitors can trace their own descent and browse through the genetic history book of modern man.

The World of Bits & Bytes in the Ars Electronica Center Linz

The Ars Electronica Center is dedicated to the future of modern man. And to mankind’s strivings to construct digital parallel universes as a means of pushing forward beyond reality’s barriers. 50 interactive installations open up fascinating insights into digital worlds and invite visitors to take out-of-the-ordinary, playful approaches to state-of-the-art high-tech. All the equipment needed for these encounters is already in visitors’ possession—their bodies, senses and feelings.

Additional information about the “Phenomenon Life. Evolution and Modern Genetics” exhibition is available at http://www.schlossmuseum.at.

Additional information about the Ars Electronica Center’s exhibits and workshops is available at

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