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Ars Electronica Center at Graben 15 Closed since Monday
About 87,000 visitors toured the Ars Electronica Center’s temporary quarters at Graben 15 on the corner of Dametzstraße. This brief chapter of AEC history concluded on Monday, October 13. Now, the focus is on the new and expanded Museum of the Future located adjacent to the Nibelungen Bridge in Urfahr.

More than 87,000 Visitors

The Museum of the Future’s temporary run at Graben 15 on the corner of Dametzstraße kicked off on Thursday, May 3, 2007. And quite a successful guest shot it was for the Ars Electronica Center and LIWEST in downtown Linz, where attendance totaled 87,000. No fewer than 1,300 visitors stopped by during the first few days to take advantage of the free admission to check out the exhibits. The layout featured 75 computer processors, four kilometers of network cables and two kilometer of electrical wiring. It took a little less than eight weeks to transform what had previously been a retail space into a domain in which high-tech meets creativity and imagination, and to set up more than 50 interactive installations delivering hands-on edutainment for young and old alike. This guest appearance concluded on Monday, October 13, 2008.

The New Ars Electronica Center in Urfahr

Now, attention is totally concentrated on the big new Ars Electronica Center on the Urfahr side of the Nibelungen Bridge. This prototype facility, with its combination of proven strengths—a playful, experience-oriented approach to content mediation—and exciting new themes centered on the life sciences, will carry on the AEC’s mission of acting as a bridge at the nexus of art, technology, science and society. In addition to elaborating on the social and cultural impact of digital media, the AEC will now increasingly focus on medical technology, genetic engineering and the neurosciences.

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