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[the next idea]

Wanted: Creative young people working with media, art and technology
[the next idea] is Prix Ars Electronica’s annual search for young talent (age 19-27) in the fields of media art, media design and media technology. The best concept receives a € 7,500 grant. Submissions can commence on January 10th.

For the second year, Ars Electronica, with the support of voestalpine, is conducting a search for up-and-coming young creatives between the ages of 19 and 27. Candidates are invited to submit a concept in the areas of media art, media design or media technology. The winner receives a € 7,500 grant and an invitation to spend a semester as scientific assistant and artist-in-residence at the Ars Electronica Futurelab, where he/she will have the opportunity to produce the winning concept.

The project that emerges will be presented at the Ars Electronica Festival. This represents a superb opportunity to showcase one’s talent before an international audience and to establish contacts with experts in one’s chosen field—and thus a great way to take the next step on a promising career path.

The competition is open to all artists and students age 19-27 working in media art, media technology or media design. If you’ve come up with a great idea in one of these areas, then by all means: get it down on paper, develop a concept and send it in!

[the next idea] 2004: Winning Project

Akio Kamisato, Satoshi Shibata, Takehisa Mashimo
“Moony” - Sensitive Smoke Project

Virtual butterflies—creatures made of water vapor and light—flutter about in space and react to the presence of visitors. If you touch them or try to catch them, they fly away; but if you hold your hand steady, they return and, with a little luck, alight on your outstretched hand. The “Moony” project makes such a scenario possible. Water vapor serves as the projection surface and sensors register visitors’ movements.

Tremendous potential is inherent in the development of this project, which could ultimately make it possible to work with computers in ways that go beyond manipulating a keyboard and a mouse.

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