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New Media Center Modeled on Ars Electronica
The Center for Creative Media Technology is a new facility being planned for Norrköping, Sweden. And to make sure they get it right, a high-ranking delegation is in Linz to check out the Ars Electronica Center - Museum of the Future.

Tuesday, March 8 – Eleven representatives of Norrköping (pronounced Norshöping), a sister city of Linz, are taking a fact-finding tour of the Ars Electronica Center today. The guests include Professor Mille Millnert, president of the University of Linköping, and Norrköping Mayor Mattias Ottosson.

The Ars Electronica Center has assumed a leading position worldwide in the field of media theory and in facilitating the public’s encounter with new media. Accordingly, the guests’ aim is to take advantage of the experience gained at the Museum of the Future and to use it as a model in setting up their own Center for Creative Media Technology. “We identified Ars Electronica as one of the leading sites in Europe with a very interesting concept and with great relevance for our ambitions,” said project chief Daniel Rudy. Ars Electronica Artistic Director Gerfried Stocker agreed that the delegation’s visit underscores the success of the concept that has been implemented at Linz’s center for media culture: “This visit from Norrköping is further testimony to Ars Electronica’s excellent reputation. We’re very pleased to cooperate with a sister city of Linz, and we’re looking forward to working together with the new media center.”

In a series of addresses, presentations and tours, Stocker, Ars Electronica CFO Andreas Exner and Linz Vice-Mayor Christiana Dolezal are briefing the Swedish delegation on the practical prerequisites of a media center.

Norrköping has been a sister city of Linz since 1995. Its population is 123,000. Situated on the Östergötland coast, its harbor has direct access to the Baltic. Up until the 1950s, the city was a major center of textile production. Today, its economy is based primarily on electronics, computer technology and the paper industry.

Photo: Delegation at an installation / high-tech touch

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