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Laurent Mignonneau
Artist & Creator
Symposium Participant

2008 Festival LEF@ARS: At the crossroads of media Arts&Science and Technology Education in the 21st Century - what is to be done?

2008 Festival campus | Tokyo Conference

2007 Catalog Goodbye Privacy University of Art and Industrial Design Linz

2006 Festival Campus Tangible, Audible, Playable, Wearable

2006 Festival Events, Concerts & Performances Interface Culture - Opening

2006 Catalog Simplicity Tangible, Audible, Playable, Wearable

2005 Festival Campus Interface Culture

2005 Festival Interface Culture Interface Culture in Concert

2005 Festival Events Interface Culture

2005 Catalog Hybrid Interface Cultures

2004 Festival Digital Avant-Garde / Prix Selection Interactive Plant Growing (1992)

2003 Festival CODE-Symposium Software&&Art I

2003 Catalog Code From the Poesy of Programming to Research as an Art Form

2003 Catalog Code Mobile Feelings

2000 Catalog Next Sex Life Spacies II

2000 Ars Electronica Center Print on Screen Life Spacies II

2000 Festival 06 Ars Electronica Center Exhibition Life Spacies II

1999 Prix Ars Electronica 1999 Honorary Mention HAZE Express

1999 Prix Ars Electronica 1999 Honorary Mention Verbarium

1996 Catalog Memesis GEN MA – Genetic Manipulator

1994 Prix Ars Electronica 1994 Golden Nica A-Volve

1993 Catalog Genetic Art - Artificial Life Anthroposcope

1993 Catalog Genetic Art - Artificial Life Interactive Plant Growing

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