Tangible, Audible, Playable, Wearable

Kunstuniversität Linz
31.08.-05.09. 10:00-19:00

Tangible, Audible, Playable, Wearable
Interface Culture Student Works at Ars Electronica 2006 curated by Christa Sommerer (AT) & Laurent Mignonneau (FR)
Laurent Mignonneau (FR) Christa Sommerer (AT)

The theme of this year’s exhibition of works by students in the Linz University of Art’s Interface Culture masters program is how interactive technologies are also making a growing impact on creative applications and hybrid art projects, and, through novel, inspired amalgamations of technology and art, are yielding interesting prototypes at the nexus of media art, design research and application.

1. Interaktive Medienarchäologie

re:call phone – Doris Diensthuber, Christan Meixner
Die digitale Drehorgel – Bernhard Pusch
FLOP – Christina Heidecker
Der Ritter von der Kokosnuss – Taife Smetschka
sCANNED OBJECTs – Irmgard Falkinger-Reiter
Metaskop – Bernhard Schorner

2. Interaktives Artificial Life

Life() – Mika Satomi
ebenda no.1 – coinciding entities – Cassandra Mehlhorn
Nature – Timm-OliverWilks, Harald Moser, Thorsten Kiesl,
David Purviance
COWSinTHEfield – Hannah Perner-Wilson
Mikrokosmos – Susanne Posegga

3. Fashionable Technology

No more under cover – Angela-Maria Holzer, Harald Moser
Enlightened Collection – Irmgard Falkinger-Reiter
Clothing that arrange the body – Hannah Perner-Wilson

4. Intelligent Environments, Tangible Interfaces und Auditory Interfaces

AtemRaum – Thomas Wagner, Andreas Zingerle
Shape, Color & Sound – Penesta Dika, Tomor Elezkurtaj
serial_killer – Timm-Oliver Wilks
Kein Gedankenloser Transport – Hannah Perner-Wilson
Scream Point – Sebastian Dietrich, Harald Moser
iShaker – iShaker, Gustavo Morant Garcia, Franziska Parschauer

5. Robotik Interfaces

It’s Alive – Robotic Performance von Andreas Zingerle, Tobias Zucali,
Harald Moser, Timm-Oliver Wilks, Bernhard Pusch, Mika Satomi, Hannah Perner-Wilson, Gustavo Morant Garcia




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