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"u19 – freestyle computing" is Austria's largest computer competition for young people. It has been held annually since 1998 as an integral part of the Prix Ars Electronica. Established in 1987, the Prix Ars Electronica is the world’s foremost competition in the cyberarts as well as a showcase of artistic excellence and innovation.

Who can submit entries?

Any young person who, on the submission deadline date, is not older than 19 and is a permanent resident of Austria is entitled to take part. You can enter as an individual, as a member of a group of collaborators, or in conjunction with school or class projects.

What kinds of works can be submitted?

An entry may be any sort of project or work that was produced, created or designed with a computer—for example, animated films, graphics, drawings, sounds, games, software and hardware applications or websites. There are no restrictions on the tools you can use. Like it sez: freestyle computing!

How does the competition work?

Once you’ve submitted your project online to "u19 – freestyle computing," it will be evaluated by a jury made up of experts in the field. You’ll also receive feedback from them about your work. If you’re selected as one of the winners, you’ll be invited to the awards ceremony held in the fall during the Ars Electronica Festival!

Prix Ars Electronica’s u19 - freestyle computing category is a competition for Austrian youth. Only young people age 19 and under who are permanent residents of Austria are eligible to take part. If you would like to receive detailed information in English, please contact u19-Team.

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