A) Wearable Technology Projects

Project: “Der Überflieger”—Wearable Interfaces for Spy Pigeons

Student: Andreas Zingerle

Der Ueberflieger


“Der Überflieger—Wearable Interface” are wearables for spy pigeons. The project deals with the design and implementation of a wearable technology for carrier pigeons. The experimental setup allows the user to follow the flight path of a pigeon (with GPS and digital photography from its place of release back to the loft. With the project and the use of standard technology, “Der Überflieger” is a tool for people to use surveillance as a counter-performance to reflect, mirror and disorient organisations that normally have the power to observe public and private life. The documentation shows the design process and the test flights that were carried out in April 2009 in the area of Graz, Austria.

Project: Parangonet 1.0: sonic dimension

Student: Ricardo Nascimento


This project aims to recreate the original concept of the “Parangolé” by the Brazilian artist Hélio Oiticica. It is composed of three wearable sculptures which, through its movement in space, create and broadcast sound samples that refer to the Brazilian artistic movement called “Tropicalis” and other cultures. Each interactive garment is able to trigger and modify a different sound input. When performed together they create a sonic atmosphere that represents the cultural agglutination proposed by the tropicalists, transposing its fundamental concept, which is the mixing of cultures, to our days. A monitored dialog between the pieces and controlled by the user creates a transcultural dialog constructed between different worlds and backgrounds.

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