Das Innere der Discokugel

Foto: Agnes Miesenberger

Foto: Agnes Miesenberger

We 2.9. –  Tue 8.9. 2009
6.00 – 10.00 PM

Grand Hotel Cafe zum Rothen Krebsen, Obere Donaulände 11, 4020 Linz

fabriqueee / Institut für erweiterte Kunst

Loudly and with high-impact visuals, the arrival of a new age is proclaimed and future worlds spoken of with a certainty as if the good old art of fortune-telling had been revived and declared to be a genuine science. Nostradamus and the whole host of sibyls seem to have risen again, just to make sure nothing is left up to free interpretation. Outfitted with diplomas, the latest technology and plenty of cash, they paint a picture of the past, present and future of mankind. Our successes, our setbacks, our bodies, our environment – all depending on the prevailing taste and the client. Fascinated and strangely fatalistic, we stand by and watch our destiny unfolding before us.

The “fabriqueee” doesn’t quite trust all this, and focuses its attention instead on a somewhat outmoded, at once ordinary and uncanny human (self)-awareness machine, in which certainty and delusion have always gone hand in hand: the mirror.

Based on this approach the group’s members develop along modular lines various individual projects – from installations to apparatus, from sculptures and objects to animation and visualizations – to finally generate in the “Grand Cafe zum Rothen Krebsen” a playful space that promises everything, except for any certainty or seemingly secure insights.

Every night during the week of the Ars Electronica Festival, “fabriqueee,” in association with the “Institut für erweiterte Kunst,” will offer visitors the opportunity to explore the world “Inside the Disco Ball.” What’s left is right, what’s up is down.

“fabriqueee” is made up of Jakob Breitwieser, Fabian Krenn, Matthias Lindner, Pamela Litzlbauer, Agnes Miesenberger, Sandra Li Lian Obwegeser and Joseph Reitsberger; students at the Art University of Linz, Department of Experimental Design.

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