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Foto: Agnes Miesenberger

Wed 2.9. – Tue 8.9. 2009
Grand Cafe zum Rothen Krebsen & Institut für erweiterte Kunst (IFEK) &

Once again this year, the IFEK invites artists, musicians, DJs and Ars Electronica festivalgoers in general to the Rother Krebs to jointly investigate the extent to which human beings are transformed by music.

Wed 2.9. Grand Opening
Live: Ronnieism. Ronnieism composed with Gameboy music; 15 stuffed animals form an instrument that controls video and sound in real time.
DJ: Colette

Thu 3.9.
Futuristic Sound-Performance – Felix Kubin: new set for the Nightline. Afterwards DJ Baumann.

Fri 4.9.
Live: G.rizo. With her French Grace Jones vocals, G.rizo gets the disco ball rolling with electro, new wave and ghetto tech.
DJ Eve Massacre

Sat 5.9.
MAN IN THE MIRROR Taking as its point of departure Michael Jackson’s real-life human transformation—oscillating between black and white, feminine and masculine, silicon and flesh—audience members will be called upon to make their own contributions to the mechanism of change. Whoever can accomplish the fluctuation between extremes most exactingly gets cash in his or her hot little claw.
DJ: Youtube-disco

Sun, 6.9.
Live: Danielle Lemaire Danielle Lemaire uses game clocks, various organs, kiddie pianos and home-brew instruments in her continuing quest for the musically astonishing. At the Roter Krebs, she’ll deliver her performance and screen her film about slowness featuring “embroidered digital images.”
Installation: Jan Van Den Dobbelsteen
DJ Klub

Mon 7.9.
Live: Analogsat midi-controllable conductive strips, revamped kiddie guitars, drills and slot-car tracks will be taken to their acoustic limits and way beyond.
Live: Harald Starzer a stereo electric guitar in a feedback loop running through analog telecommunications electronics: the guitar becomes an instable system that plays itself. Noisecore without all the populist poseur pretensions!
DJ: Washer

Tue 8.9.
DJ: Hobby Exzellent

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