Curators-Parcours (CUP)

in German or English according to speakers

This is the first time that the exhibition designers are granting the public a behind-the-scenes look at the Ars Electronica Festival. Curators will relate interesting anecdotes, elaborate on individual points of view and explain interrelationships festivalgoers might otherwise have overlooked. There’s a different highlight each day:

Fri 4.9.
Campus Exhibition – Kunstuniversität Linz: Amanda Parkes und Christa Sommerer
Sabine Bitter / Helmut Weber: RIGHT, TO THE CITY – Landesgalerie Linz: Martin Hochleitner

Sat 5.9.
CyberArts – OK Offenes Kulturhaus Oberösterreich: Genoveva Rückert
Geo City + 80+1 – Eine Weltreise: Michael Badics and Manuela Pfaffenberger
Geminoid – Ars Electronica Center: Gerfried Stocker, Hiroshi Ishiguro

Sun 6.9.
Themenausstellung „Human Nature“ – Brucknerhaus: Gerfried Stocker
SEE THIS SOUND. Versprechungen von Bild und Ton: Cosima Rainer

Mon 7.9.
Neue Bilder vom Menschen – Ars Electronica Center: Nicoletta Blacher
Akustikon. Welt des Hörens – Pfarrgasse 9-13: Peter Androsch

Treffpunkt jeweils am Ausstellungsort

Meeting Point: exhibition venue

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