MISSION FUTURE @ Ars Electronica

Sun 6.9.   10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Kunstuniversität, Kollegiumgasse 2

The Initiative to Create Our Tomorrow MASS CREATIVITY: How the power of “we & technology” transforms the economic world


By invitation only

The third MISSION FUTURE @ ARS ELECTRONICA will address the „creative mass“. It´s a fact that the „creative class“, proclaimed by Richard Florida five years ago, transformed itself into a majority. Digitally upgraded, these knights of the Twitter Round Table change our world and economy in breathtaking speed. The old boxing rule “do or die” seems to be their guideline when they organize their civil disobedience in Iran overnight or when the anti-copyright-movement Pirate Bay becomes the nightmare of the music- and movie industry. The power of the creative mass gets obvious when an individual like Aston Kutcher gathers one million followers faster then CNN.

Intelligent brands like Apple, Mini, Nokia or Adidas use the potential of these co-creators, formerly known as consumers. But more than that an entire new type of innovative enterprises show up based on tools like Linux, Java, Wikipedia, Facebook und App Store. The creative mass lives their own rules: “The bit …. (information, music, video, art, design, object, company) I need I create for myself.“ The creative mass makes that happen supported by fabricators, kind of personal nano-factories. Mission Future will scrutinize in detail with it´s speakers how this creative world of tomorrow will look like.

Morning Session:

Christoph Santner (future-expert and co-founder Mission Future) and Philippe Souidi (trend-expert and co-founder Mission Future):
10 trends that will shape our future

Lectures, discussions and breakout sessions see http://missionfuture.trendpool.com/

This conference will be followed by a performance of the social art project think new (Gabi Lück) including a concert of Anna F. and Lima.

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