little Bits

Ayah Bdeir

littleBits is a growing library of preassembled circuit boards, made easy by tiny magnets. All logic and circuitry is pre-engineered, so you can play with electronics without knowing electronics. Tiny mag­nets act as connectors and enforce polarity, so you can’t put things in the wrong way. littleBits has a vision: to end the mysticism around engineering and electronics, to counter the black box product ideology of consumer electronics, and to fuel an explosion of creativity and innovation in artists, de­signer, kids and hobbyists when it comes to technology. Crave creativity? Make something! light it, push it, turn it, twist it, bend it, buzz it, blink it, shake it!

supported by Eyebeam Center for Art and Technology

design by Luma Shihab Eldin.

interns: Jie Qi, Axel Esquite, Youngjin Chung, Paul Rothman

thanks: Robert Vlacich, Spencer Russel, Smart Design

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