Ubiquitous Sensor Network Navigator

Alexander Reben, Mat Laibowitz, NanWei Gong, and Joseph Paradiso

The Ubiquitous Sensor Network Navigator provides a directable portal through which an observer can inter­act with a sensor-rich environment at the Media lab. Data is rendered intuitively, affording the observer a con­figurable and dynamic view into what is occurring. Sensor data isrendered at various scales of resolution (from high-level overviews to audio/video feeds and from real-time streaming to cached and temporally compressed data). In this way, visitors in Linz can be linked intimately into the professional pulse and daily life at our Laboratory.

The aural gateway integrates sound sampled throughout the Media Lab into a visual, aural and tactile experi­ence. Real time audio data drives the experience allowing the observer to experience the overall activity of the Media Lab. Sound is streamed from 45 nodes distributed throughout the Lab and concentrated into the gate­way. The observer can interact with the piece, feeling the rhythm of the Media Lab. Projected onto the surface is content gleaned from various sensors distributed throughout the Lab. The piece reflects the essence of the Media Lab as an holistic entity.

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