“Urbanet” focuses on Johannesburg—and particular on the raw underbelly of the city that remains hidden from the eyes of most tourists. A city that is characterized by problematic social and economic conditions as well as the grueling conflict between the highly motivated democracy movement and the system of apartheid whose legacy is still present in many areas of life.
“Urbanet” presents art as a challenge to discover something new. Hidden among the windows looking out on Linz’s Main Square are numerous projects that you can discover with the installation’s camera. Become an inconspicuous observer; walk through the dense thicket of the cityscape in search of rips and cracks in the surface of pretty appearances.
Then, via live telephone hookup, you can share and discuss your discoveries with inhabitants of Johannesburg.

Artists: Stephen Hobbes, Marcus Neustetter
Supported by:
Österreichische Provinz der Jesuiten, Ignatiuskirche / Alter Dom
Kunstuniversität Linz
Dr. Manfred Lehner
Altes Rathaus, Linz

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