Foto: ARCHIPICTURE Mag. Dietmar Tollerian

Foto: ARCHIPICTURE Mag. Dietmar Tollerian

Since time immemorial, people have been coming together to make music and sing. As universal means of communication, rhythms, melodies and songs mediate interaction across language barriers, cultures and generations.

The “Arrorró” project invites installation visitors to engage in international understanding by way of music and to sing together with others. The mission is for all sorts of people to mutually exchange their stories, dreams, traditions and languages in a shared setting. Visitors are invited to themselves record lullabies for the project’s homepage and to log on to it to hear the songs of others.

Artist: Gabriela Golder

Realization: Gabriela Golder,
Escuela de Comunicación Multimedial de la Universidad Maimónides [Argentina]
Production: Abel Cassanelli
Design, website and connectivity: Violeta Gau /José Allona
Edition: Santiago Pedroncini
Team: María Fernanda Amenta, Facundo Colantonio, Guido Gardini, Violeta Cassanelli, Tiago Espírito Santo, Valeria Evdemón, Pablo Martín Fernández, Guido Ceratto, Alexis Wurstein, Ars Electronica [Austria]

Supported by:
Universidad Maimónides.

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