Migrating Art Academies 2008–2010

Students from Vilnius Academy of Arts scaning sounds
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Fri 4.9. – Mon 7.9.
from 10:00

Quarter, Campingplatz

students from: École européene supérieure de l’image (Angoulême/Poitiers; F), Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln (D), Vilniaus dailės akademija (LT)

This art project is headquartered in a camper. It considers movement, media and European identity via other teaching and tenets of an artistic and social nature. Following Berlin and Vilnius, Ars Electronica in Linz is the third stop on the itinerary of the project’s “Sequence” stage.

This project is subsidized by the EU (Culture 2007).

Open Lab

daily from 10:00
Open Lab with students’ presentations, performances, happenings, workshop gatherings etc.

daily from 18:00

Friday, 9/4/2009
18.00 Nicolas Rivet: One thousand Leaves
19:00 Gabriel Vanegas: El Newton
19:30 Daniele Spiga, Manuela Serra: Connect/Collect
20:00 Jokubas Cizikas, Monika Lipsic: Live Music Performance
21:00 Students of Academy of Media Arts Cologne: Sequences
21:30 Documentation of projects developed at Academy of Media Arts Cologne

Saturday, 9/5/2009
18:00 Lasse Scherffig: GPS and Satellite Watching
19:00 Fabien Zocco: Playable Database
19.30 Olivier Gain: Live Performance

Sunday, 9/6/2009
18:00 Jonas Hansen (* Hielscher): Lanscape
19:00 Ji Hyun Park: Grundlos
20:00 Jokubas Cizikas, Domas Rukas: Analogue Noise
21:00 Students of Vilnius Art Academy: Identity. Video Compilation

Monday, 9/7/2009
18:00 Martin Rumori: Binaural Soundscape Browsing
19:00 Daniele Spiga, Manuela Serra: Connect/Collect
19:30 Gabriel Vanegas: El Newton
20:00 Auriel: City Noise
20:30 Raphael Dupont, Marine Antony: Video Performance. Special Guest: Auriel
21:00 Students of Vilnius Art Academy: Movement. Video Compilation

Exhibited works:
Gabriel Vanegas: The Impossible Trip
Daniele Spiga, Manuela Serra: Connect/Collect
Marine Antony: Scanning
Ieva Bernotaité: In
Dainius Meskauskas: Radio Silence
Raphael Dupont: Walking Wall
Fabien Zocco: Playable Database

Credits: Hubertus v. Amelunxen, Mindaugas Gapsevicius, Jonas Hansen (* Hielscher), Zilvinas Lilas, Alvydas Lukys, Sylvie Marchand, Vaclovas Nevcesauskas, Martin Rumori
Students: Marine Antony, Ieva Bernotaite, Jokubas Cizikas, Raphael Dupont, Olivier Gain, Karine Guiho, Monika Lipsic, Dainius Meskauskas, Ji Hyun Park, Auriel Reich, Domas Rukas, Manuela Serra, Daniele Spiga, Gabriel Vanegas, Fabien Zocco

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