Japan Media Arts Festival

Do 3.9. – Di 8.9.
Täglich 10:00 – 21:00

Sa 5.9.
10:00 – 00:00


The Japan Media Arts Festival has been an annual event in Tokyo since 1997 and awards prizes for creative works in the fields of art, entertainment, animation and manga.

“JAPAN GAME” focuses on the entertainment aspect of Japanese media arts by showcasing selected game-related works honored by the 2009 Japan Media Arts Festival. All the games in the areas of sports, music, adventure, etc. are playable. Every evening, game tournaments will be held on a large-format screen. We hope audiences will enjoy these forms of artistic expression and, at the same time, recognize the games’ similarities to media art.

The Japan Media Arts Festival has two aims. One is to designate new cultural frameworks and values in accordance with the changes occurring nowadays that make it imperative to avoid persistently clinging to existing cultural hierarchies. Accordingly, we appreciate not only media art but also animation, manga and entertaining works such as games.

Secondly, we are helping new forms of expression and culture to take root and grown along with the progress of digital communications techniques and technology. Some observers might maintain that new culture is disconnected from traditional culture, but the Japan Media Arts Festival has tried to bridge the gap. We think that this activity helps to nurture originality in a new field of culture.

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