ISEA Foundation and 2010 RUHR Forum


Sat 5.9. 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

Brucknerhaus, History Stage

ISEA2010 will bring the ‘International Symposium on Electronic Art’, then in its 16th edition, to Germany for the first time. August 2010 will see a variety of exhibitions, performances, concerts, talks and public art projects in the cities of the German Ruhr region (Dortmund, Essen, Duisburg). The festival curators present the main themes and elements of the programme and are available for questions regarding the ‘Call for Submissions’ (deadline 15 September 2009). ISEA Foundation is the governing body for the ISEA Symposia. Recently ISEA Foundation has established a Headquarters in partnership with University of Brighton (UK) and also launched an online archive of previous Symposia proceedings. The forum will feature an update on recent activities.

With: Andreas Broeckmann (artistic director), Stefan Riekeles (programme manager) and Julianne Pierce, Chair ISEA Foundation.

One Response to “ISEA Foundation and 2010 RUHR Forum”

  1. Andre Brodyk says:

    Hi Julianne
    I would like to know what is best course of action for an expression of interest in showing my work in an exhibition ie if there are any themed shows planned at this stage and how do I find out about these .? Thanks. Andre Brodyk