CollageTable is one of the objects to emerge from the Office of Tomorrow R&D project that’s been conducted jointly with voestalpine group-IT and Team 7, and is now being carried on at Austria Research Studio NiCE. The primary objective of this collaborative undertaking is to bring to fruition visions involving team-structured work and modern presentation technology through the comprehensive network linkup of all sorts of hardware. In the future, it’ll be possible to create documents, images and overhead projector slides not only on an individual user’s own laptop but also directly on the team’s shared working table. Via Bluetooth, users can send their drawings to the website, where all collages will be presented.

Thomas Seifried, Jakob Leitner, Daniel Leithinger, Peter Brandl, Michael Frühmann, Michael Haller,
Media Interaction Lab
Department of Digital Media
Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences

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