NIGHTLINE 06.09.2011 Di/Tue



20:00 The Wave Pictures (UK)


20:00 The Wave Pictures (UK)


20:00-21:00 human power station ft. GelbGut
21:00-23:00 KIBU: Chromosonia : bring your own mp3, and be the dj/vj tonight


23:00 Seeking the traces with Gigi Gratt

The Wave Pictures (UK)

The group Rolling Stone calls “the most British and, at present, best of all British bands” brings its latest album to Linz.

Kitchen Budapest (HU)

Kitchen Budapest´s „Chromosonia“ provides three means for everyone with a portable music player to visualize ther music they are currently listenenig to on the AEC facade featuring three levels of mapping: perceptual, informational and social. Bring along your mp3 and be the VJ!

Gigi Gratt (AT) – An evening featured by

The final evening of this year’s festival features Gigi Gratt (Tumido, Ni, Drumski, Gigis Gogos, Braaz / AT). True to the theme of Ars Electonica 2011, the musician/composer from Ottensheim looks into how it all begins. This musical search for origins will be done collaboratively with local musicians from Upper Austria.

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