Tesla Orchestra (US)

Fireballs, lightning, music and dance—the Tesla Orchestra (US), founded in 2009 by Ian Charnas (US) at Case Western Reserve University, is a circus in grandiose style.

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Android-Human Theater “Sayonara”(Good-bye)

Hiroshi Ishiguro (JP), one of the crowdpleasers as Featured Artist of last year’s Ars Electronica, has been working on of the oldest dreams of humanity for quite a long time, namely the dream of recreating yourself as a machine. By now he has managed to built an android which is next to indistinguishable from himself. With his creation he has come close to his goal of human and android interacting with each other on the same level.

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Featured artist Sam Auinger (AT) and his long-time artistic partner Bruce Odland (US) will give a performance-lecture that takes New York as an illustration of the dissonance of visual and acoustic perception.

Robot Mask Demo – Tsukuba

Robot Mask Demo
Kenji Suzuki (JP), Dushyantha Jayatilake (LK), Anna Gruebler (VE)

PLX Performance – Tsukuba

PLX Performance
Ryota Kuwakubo (JP)

Otamatone Performance – Tsukuba

Otamatone Performance
Novmichi Tosa (Maywa Denki) (JP)

Spherical Origami Performance – Tsukuba

Spherical Origami Performance
Jun Mitani (JP)