OPENING Interface Cultures

Since 2004, Linz Art University has offered an “Interface Cultures” master’s degree program in which students learn scientific and, above all, artistic ways of working with all possible—and impossible—forms of communication with machines and devices. From the very outset, this program founded by Christa Sommer and Laurent Mignonneau has offered students the opportunity to showcase their work in conjunction with Ars Electronica and thereby to reach very large audiences.

Art and utility—not necessarily a harmonious pairing. An essential element of artistic freedom is the right to think up and make things that are at first glance totally useless. Designers and technologists are the ones who helpfully intervene in human-machine coexistence. But only artistic confrontations that break out of the confines of practical considerations produce what is truly unexpected and really new. The eminently useful useless is thus the driving force behind the development of the works featured in this exhibition by Linz Art University’s Interface Cultures program.

Instructors: Christa Sommerer (AT), Laurent Mignonneau (FR), Martin Kaltenbrunner (AT), Marlene Hochrieser (AT), Michaela Ortner (AT)



Error Messages

Vesela Mihaylova (BL)


Fabrizio Lamoncha (ES), Ioan Ovidiu Cernei (RO), Maša Jazbec (SLO)


Ulrich Brandstätter (AT), Oliver Buchtala (DE)

Huis Clos

Fabrizio Lamoncha (ES), Ioan Ovidiu Cernei (RO), Maša Jazbec (SI)


Veronika Pauser (AT)


Henning Schulze (DE)

Oma, erzähl mal!

David Brunnthaler (AT)


Irmgard Falkinger-Reiter (AT)

Sight Clearing

Andrea Suter (CH)


Fabrizio Lamoncha (E), Ioan Ovidiu Cernei (RO), Maša Jazbec (SLO)

The Will

Lenka Klimešová (CZ), Arwa Ahmed Ramadan (EG)


Maša Jazbec (SI), Tiago Martins (PO)

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