NIGHTLINE 31.08.2011 Mi/Wed

Ars Electronica Quarter, Maindeck

20:30 – 21.30 Gameboy Music Club (AT)
21:30 – 22:00 Tesla Orchestra (US)
22.00 – 23.00 Michael Mayr (AT) & Kid Soylent (AT)

Stadtwerkstatt, Saal

23:00 Kollegium Kalksburg (AT)

Stadtwerkstatt, Strom

23:00 Halftime ft. Tod Ernst (AT) & Special Guests

Gameboy Music Club (AT)

Since 2002 the Gameboy Music Club (GBMC) has been pleasuring itself acoustically on the Game Boy™ by Nintendo—regardless of which device generation and operating system. The nanoloop and little sound dj music programs turn the tiny console into the most economical and at the same time highest performance electronic sound instrument, a simple, user-friendly way to access the boundless world of contemporary music.

Tesla Orchestra (USA)

The American ensemble takes the stage with a high-energy show in which the million-volt high tension of two Tesla coils is transferred into audio frequencies.

Michael Mayr (AT) & Kid Soylent (AT)

The Ars Electronica Center’s façade will be graphically graced by visuals created by Michael Mayr (AT). The accompanying sound collage is provided by Kid Soylent (AT) aka Stefan Niederwieser—DJ, author and musical editor-in-chief of The Gap magazine, as well as male midwife of the electronic, urban special ops crew named ETForce aka UTForce, specialists in locating good mixes and tracks online.

Kollegium Kalksburg (AT)

In the classic, alcohol-suffused tradition of music as sung and played by the local populace in Vienna, the three members of Kollegium Kalksburg (their roots in jazz, actually) look death square in the eyes, secure in the knowledge that the music will endure forever. Wienerlieder of the highest order, performed on contra-guitar, comb, saw and harmonica.

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