NIGHTLINE 01.09.2011 Do/Thu

Ars Electronica Quarter, Maindeck

20:00 – 21:00: Tesla Orchestra (US)
21:00 – 22:00: Femous Orchestra (AT)
22:00 – 23:00: Madame Humtata (AT)

Stadtwerkstatt, Saal

23:00: HGich.T (DE)

Stadtwerkstatt, Strom

23:00: DJ Andaka (AT), Miss Kamala (AT)

Tesla Orchestra (USA)

The American ensemble takes the stage with a high-energy show in which the million-volt high tension of two Tesla coils is transferred into audio frequencies.

Femous Orchestra (AT)

Electric Indigo, Celia Mara, Stella Chiweshe, Sweet Susie
The ensemble’s encounter with the festival theme entails a musical response to the question of originality with respect to culture and gender. The multicultural members of the femous Orchestra play with the primal sounds of their respective homelands and bodies. This material is then sampled by White European electronic musicians (e.g. Electric Indigo), and thereby conveyed into and transformed by the hegemonic Western cultural system. But this is a two-way street—the beats disassociate themselves and remigrate to their country of origin or back to a totally different instrument. Concept: Silvia Jura, Susi Rogenhofer, Celia MaraMore Info!

Madame Humtata (AT)

Madame Humtata, the alter ego of Chistine Hinterkörner (AT), a media designer and musician trained as a jazz & pop vocalist, stands for eccentric, feminine and exhilarating avant-garde pop. The diva’s live performances are accompanied by three musicians; the further addition of video art, light design, Humtata couture and catwalk makes each one an all-encompassing spectacle for the senses.

HGich.T (DE)

HGich.T serves up music with gnarly roots in a bizarre, hard-trance realm of magic, hits like Hauptschuhle, Tutenchamun and Tripmeister Eder astride the borderline between madness and totally overcoming inhibitions. Those seeking an acoustic definition of artistic freedom will find it here.

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