NIGHTLINE 02.09.2011 Fr/Fr

Ars Electronica Quarter, Maindeck

21:00 – 22:00 Tesla Orchestra (US)
22:00 – 23:00 Daito Manabe (JP)

Stadtwerkstatt, Saal

23:00 POP:SCH (AT), C60 (AT), Laming Hips – Shy DJ Team (AT)

Stadtwerkstatt, Strom

23:00 Cueing (AT), DJ NDL (AT)

Tesla Orchestra (USA)

The American ensemble takes the stage with a high-energy show in which the million-volt high tension of two Tesla coils is transferred into audio frequencies.

Daito Manabe (JP), Motoi Ishibashi (JP) & Satoru Higa (JP)

Daito Manabe (JP) and his partner Motoi Ishibashi (JP) are prizewinners in the 2011 Prix Ars Electronica’s Interactive Art category. In addition to his media art works (such as particles, a magnificent, walk-through installation currently on display in the Ars Electronica Center), Manabe is also a successful musician and visualizer who has acquired a big reputation on the international electronic music scene. His minimalistic sound pieces are reduced to the essentials, negotiating a difficult split with one foot in Groove and the other in abstraction.


POP:SCH fabricates electro-pop that is as hymnal as need be, as baroque as possible and, Drehli Robnik (AT) promises, incessantly striving to achieve maximum sexuality. It takes a sing-along approach to a quadripartite theme: Viennese romances in uniform, love-lazy girlfriends, egoistic hearts and other amorous complications. If Peaches and Kim Wilde would have a love child, its name would be POP:SCH.

C60 (AT)

Despite their successful debut in 2006, this Linz electronic duo seems to have an extraordinary case of stage fright and is rarely seen/heard live. For this performance of material for their work-in-progress follow-up album, they’ve assembled a band of top-name sidemen

Cueing (AT)

Dubstep turntablist Cueing began his career as a hip-hop DJ. Now, he’s also a producer and pursues sating his weakness for low-frequency bassmonster genres like dubstep, grime and filth.

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